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  1. With its natural setting and expansive gardens, the Three Sisters Sanctuary is an exceptionally beautiful and unique setting for a variety of outdoor events. Guests can enjoy the gardens and exhibits as well as features like our smokeless fire pit, Stonehenge-like amphitheater and fire breathing dragon.
  2. By Melissa Kruse-Peeples, Education Coordinator For many Native American communities, three seeds - corn, beans, and squash represent the most important crops. When planted together, the Three Sisters, work together to help one another thrive and survive. Utilizing the corn, beans, and squash together in your garden draws upon centuries of Native American agricultural traditions and expertise.
  3. The Three Sisters Springs Center is the official concessionaire for land access to Three Sisters Springs, a unit of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge. We offer shuttle service, walk-in, and bicycle-in access to the refuge. Note.
  4. Three Sisters is a great modern dining experience for all friends and family. They have a wide range of selections to choose from on their menu, and even serve their breakfast items at any hour of the day and night. They use high-quality ingredients to great great tastes, and the staff is 4/5().
  5. Three Sisters Winery is thrilled to host your wine tasting! We have been working hard to ensure that the safety of both guests and staff are met with the regulations of Work Safe BC and Interior Health. T he following are guidelines for a safe and memorable wine tasting.
  6. The three-sisters planting technique utilizes corn, climbing beans, and squash. Each plant serves a purpose in this design. The corn provides support, the climbing (pole) beans add nitrogen to the soil through nitrogen fixation, and the squash protects all the sisters in a two-fold fashion.
  7. 3 Sisters are like three musketeers going into the battle of life together. Let's support one another with 3 sisters customized mug to defeat any obstacles in life.
  8. Three Sisters Jewelry has set the bar for personalized jewelry since with a signature retro-chic day-to-night style. Inspired by the past and infused with a modern sensibility, each Three Sisters design tells a story unique to its wearer, transforming memories into modern heirlooms.

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