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  1. Black carpenter ants live in colonies with workers and a queen. The queen is slightly bigger than the worker ants, with a larger thorax and wings, while most workers are wingless. They are about a half-inch ( centimeters) long and completely black with yellowish hairs on the abdomen. Depending on.
  2. Understanding Carpenter Ant Nests. Carpenter ants typically have two types of nests: parent colonies and satellite colonies. Parent colonies are usually outdoors, found in wood that is moist or rotted places such as tree stumps, logs, old boards, rotting trees or tree roots. Carpenter ants also nest in wood that is decaying or moist inside of.
  3. Carpenter ants vary in color, but are usually black or dark-bodied. There are three general carpenter ant size classes, each with a different job classification. The major workers are the largest ants in a colony. Intermediate carpenter ants are mid-sized ants .
  4. Carpenter Ant Size. Carpenter ants are one of the largest of all ant species. Carpenter ants have polymorphic workers, meaning that ants within a single colony may vary in size. Adult carpenter ants can measure from 6 to 12 mm in length. Males, or winged swarmers, can measure up to 18 mm, while queens grow to 20 mm in length.
  5. Termites and carpenter ants cause similar damage to damp, dead wood. Oftentimes, you’ll see piles of wood shavings near wood that’s infested with either termites or carpenter ants. But in order to eradicate the infestation, you have to make .
  6. Sep 22,  · My pet carpenter ants have disappeared for over six months and it has started to worry me. So this week, I actually went in and attempted to dig them out from beneath their resident rock in their.
  7. Carpenter ants are a familiar sight throughout the United States. Among the largest of ants, carpenter ants are ¼” to ½” long, black or red and black and may or may not be winged. Dormant in winter, swarms begin to appear in the spring and early summer. Colonies number in the thousands and when an infestation has set in, they are hard to.
  8. Oct 22,  · I came across a swarm of these red carpenter ants one day. There were probably a couple of dozen of them frantically running around in a small area. I noticed that a few of them were fighting, so.
  9. Carpenter ants are social insects. They are among the largest species of ant found in Washington D.C., Maryland and much of the United States. These ants have strong mandibles, which they use to excavate wood. They do this for nesting purposes. The first sign that you may have a carpenter ant problem is by spotting large, black ants in or.

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