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  1. It also weathers slowly compared to other stones like marble and limestone, which means that the engravings on the headstone can be read for hundreds of years. If a loved one has a granite headstone, this is your complete step-by-step guide on how to clean granite headstones.
  2. Aug 25,  · Granite has a hardness of between 7 and 9 and can withstand a little more cleaning than the other types of natural stone; however, it still must be a very gentle cleaning. Most of the upright stones made today are created from granite. Remember, it's not only the stone itself we need to preserve, but what is carved on the stone.
  3. Jun 29,  · That person or those persons also own the headstone and (1) have the rightto remove it or (2) tak action against others who attempt to remove it.; if the owner is the person who died, te cemetary should have a contract or deed showing the current rights to that site.
  4. Jul 26,  · I can see how it can be fun to make up your own beliefs, but the belief in a bodily resurrection was clear within the Old testament (eg. Isaiah 26), and Jesus of course would have known this. The idea that Jesus resurrected after dying and being in the tomb is a central idea in the New Testament- the gospels and Paul’s letters, etc.
  5. Clear Stream Monuments has a large selection of affordable headstones, cemetery markers, and monuments. Prices start at $1, (shipping included) and come with a Lifetime Warranty. Click the Like button on our FaceBook page and receive special discount offers.
  6. Quick Pictures for Headstones Question and Answer Section: Will I get my picture back? Yes, we will send the original back to you with you ceramic picture. Will the 3M VHB tape hold my picture? Yes, please read our section on the 3M VHB tape. This is an industrial tape and we have never had anyone call us in regards to the tape.
  7. Once you decide to commission a headstone, some monumental masons can make an off the shelf headstone in three-four weeks. Most bespoke headstones take much longer to make, as the stone needs to be ordered individually and the whole process usually takes at least six months, and often much longer. Get involved fully.
  8. Looking for anything Safe And Sound (2), Red Scare (3), The Scare*, Funerals (3), Singled Out (3), Cold Truth (4), No Future (12), Gag (4), Caged Existence Recent Activity submitted Rapid Change - .
  9. Oct 19,  · Headstones are also known as tombstones or gravestones in many parts of the world. Headstones are memorial stones set in the memory of the person at his or her grave. The history of headstone is very interesting as well as fascinating too as you get to know about attitudes, beliefs, and livelihoods of our ancestors.

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